Providing Real Data
In Real Time

How It Works

The MarineInsight™ analytics platform consists of two main components -- the DataHub, an onboard mini-computer that collects and analyzes data locally, and a remote analytics cloud platform. Data is uploaded from the DataHub to the cloud platform via WiFi, cellular, or satellite whenever there is a connection. The local DataHub and the remote cloud platform perform analytics and analysis of vessel data so that both onboard operators and shoreside personnel can take advantage of the many data applications available in parallel. For remote operators, data is available real time as long as there is an active connection on the vessel.

Vessel data can come from a variety of equipment such as engines and generators. However, the MarineInsight platform was designed to collect data from any equipment with a digital interface, including Z-drives, transmissions, fuel and water tanks, winches, and PLCs. In addition, custom sensors can be installed to monitor temperature, vibration, and other vessel environmental parameters.

The MarineInsight platform provides a variety of different features that operators can use to achieve the comprehensive data visibility needed to make informed operating decisions. These features include basic analytics, like the 75+ parameters available for most diesel engines, as well as more advanced features like generator efficiency information derived by the EnergySmart analytics module. Other features, like SmartGauges, give point-in-time views and predictions for optimizing planned maintenance, and SmartAlerts use a combination of threshold and predictive alerts with machine learning to inform crew members and shore personnel of potential problems before they happen.

Visibility & Accountability -
View Data Anywhere, on Vessel or in The Cloud

Real time data is one of the key elements of a smart operation. With MarineInsight, vessel operators and shore-side personnel now have access to vital vessel information in real time. Operators on shore have access to all vessel data via the MarineInsight cloud portal. This easy-to-use interface features many applications to analyze data and provide alert information. At sea, the crew can use the Local Display on tablets, which mirrors most of the functionality of the web portal.

Quick Installation

Installation can be conducted while at sea or in port, sometimes even in a single day. The DataHub and associated hardware can be mounted in a variety of locations on the boat, and there are many options for connecting it to existing vessel systems. A power connection and access to a data network are the only requirements. For communicating outside of the vessel, the DataHub uses either its own built-in cellular connection or connects directly to the shipboard satellite system. After assessing a target vessel, the ioCurrents installation team will create a plan that minimizes disruption and makes it possible for operators to start receiving high-quality, real-time data as quickly as possible.

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SmartAlerts - Prevent vs. React

We’ve all been there: an alarm sounds on the vessel and it’s time to react before a problem gets any worse. But what if you could be alerted before that happens, when anomalies are potentially minor issues instead of major problems? SmartAlerts use intelligent data analysis to predict and alert operators before major problems occur.

SmartAlerts include:

  • • Threshold alerts - Set custom thresholds for your vessel data, and receive soft warnings or hard alerts depending on these pre-set values.
  • • Time-based alerts - Spot trends that happen over time, such as long durations of elevated temperatures or pressures that do not trigger hard threshold alerts.
  • • Predictive alerts - Using advanced machine learning models, SmartAlerts constantly monitor many aspects of vessel operation, and use this information to create a model of normal operating behavior. If operational parameters as a whole deviate outside the thresholds predicted by the model, operators are alerted to a potential problem. This can help detect problems early, before operators would normally become aware of them.

EnergySmart - Save Fuel and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Engine and generator fuel consumption is one of the greatest variable costs for operators. Not only does inefficient usage lead to greater fuel consumption, it also leads to premature equipment wear and more frequent overhauls. With MarineInsight’s EnergySmart view, operators are able to see combined efficiency rates to better gauge operating strategies for key systems, and will receive SmartAlerts when efficiency rates rise or fall below predefined levels.

SmartGauges - Increase Your Operational IQ

Physical gauges provide information about overall vessel health. However, they only deliver information about a single variable at a specific point in time. With SmartGauges, operators can see information from multiple variables for a much more holistic view of a vessel. For example, service-focused SmartGauges use fuel flow and other variables to determine the best time to perform maintenance on a specific piece of equipment. And because MarineInsight is cloud-connected, operators can view SmartGauges from anywhere using the cloud portal.

SmartCargo and SmartChill - Maintain Consistent Product Quality for the Entire Journey

Your operation depends on the ability to maintain cargo product quality, whether that involves monitoring reefer containers or RSW fish tanks. SmartCargo provides visibility into reefer containers during transit, allowing operators both on shore and on vessel to know if temperatures are being maintained. Combined with EnergySmart, a complete picture emerges showing the efficiency profile of the reefers, and any temperature changes over the course of a voyage.


With SmartChill, fishing vessels can also receive advanced insight into RSW tank temperature changes, which allows operators to distinguish equipment failures or performance issues from the natural fluctuations that come with fish being added to tanks.

SmartAnalysis - A Birds Eye View From Your Desktop

In addition to specific analysis applications, almost any vessel data can be collected and analyzed using MarineInsight. This includes the over 75+ parameters available for most diesel engines and generators. Unlike gauges or point in time data dumps, a complete history of parameter activity can be viewed in real time. This history can be compared against past operational periods or even shown in relation to where the reading occured on the included map. This can help operators establish baselines of operation and quickly diagnosis anomalies.

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