Our Team

The ioCurrents team in Seattle is bringing together the best of the cloud computing revolution and the Northwest maritime heritage. We bring decades of experience in both software and boating.

Cosmo King

CEO & Co-Founder

Cosmo’s love of boats started during his childhood, sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. After college, he moved to Seattle for the burgeoning tech community, beautiful weather, and connection to the sea. Since 2003, he has worked at various local tech companies, honing his expertise on system automation for storage and cloud products. Cosmo loves to spend his spare time on the water, so much so that he recommissioned and fully restored the vintage Coronado 41 sloop “Northern Lights.”

Bhaskar Bhattacharyya

CTO & Co-Founder

Bhaskar has a long tenure in both software engineering and business management. He's excited to return to his roots, applying deep SCADA systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence expertise to the marine industry. Bhaskar has a deep passion for applying technical solutions to real world problems and is excited to develop products that not only reduce costs, but most importantly, increase crew safety and have positive impact on the environment. In his spare time, Bhaskar enjoys photography and riding his motorcycles.

Erik Logan


Erik began his first start-up at age 20, co-founding a successful tech company during the dotcom boom. He really enjoyed the entrepreneurial aspects of taking an idea from concept to company, and has since been involved in many projects in a variety of industries, most recently as CEO of Pogo Linux. Erik brings many years of operations, marketing, and business strategy experience. Erik grew up near the ocean, and loves spending his spare time near the beach with family and friends.

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